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To say I’m excited would be a massive understatement for my little brother and his incredible longtime girlfriend officially got engaged last week. Needless to say, I’ve been flying high ever since, and we have a party to plan! So forgive me if a few more wedding things trickle in here and there in the coming months. I just love love and any excuse to celebrate, so when you combine the two? Well I’m one happy camper.  As always, here are a few thing I’m also loving as of late. Happy Monday!  :: The dreamiest porch swing :: Style hacks to steal from the movies :: I’m completely in love with this hotel in the Berkshires :: 50 rules for decorating your living room (so many helpful tips!) :: Kudos to Ikea for implementing this change :: Speaking of, we were there last weekend and I’m head over heels for this guy :: Our friend recently launched her new wallpaper collection and I’m IN LOVE :: I adore the idea of hiring someone hourly for gardening help (it’s genius for my fellow plant killers) Image: Dane Tashima for The Inn at Kenmore Hall

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