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Alright you guys, I posted one of these pleas when we were headed to Portugal a few years ago and we legitimately planned the vast majority of our trip based on your recommendations, which was so much fun (you can check em’ out here, if you’d like). So I’m back again to shamelessly ask for your advice once more… We’re officially headed to London & Cornwall this summer, and I absolutely can’t wait. Justin and I will have a few nights together in London, before meeting our friends in Cornwall where we rented a stone cottage in a tiny coastal town. I’d love to know. Have you been? If so, please leave a comment with your very best advice! Tips, tricks, must-sees, can’t misses, and (perhaps most importantly) where to eat. I’ll love you forever <3 A FEW THINGS I’M EYEING FOR OUR UPCOMING TRIP:  1: Alyson Haley | 2: Jess Studd | 3: A On The Road | 4: Alyson Haley | 5: What Stacy Did | 6: What Stacy Did | 7: What Stacy Did

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